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Parent Code of Conduct

To ensure the proper functioning of the DV7 Astoria FC, along with the desire to deepen the comprehensive education of our students, we present the following norms that all parents must comply with:

DV7 Astoria FC Parents...

  • Should respect the space for the players and the coaching staff. Is strictly not allowed to stand, enter or cross through the field during the practice session / games and or during transition between practices.
  • Are permitted to remain and watch training sessions standing or seated on the outside of the fields.
  • Must be punctual when dropping off their child. We suggest players arrive 20 minutes before practice.
  • Must notify the coach if your child is unable to attend a training session, game or any other activity. Send an email to
  • Make sure your children bring a bottle of water to the practice. It is essential to maintain body hydration. Only water.
  • Should not offer any coaching instruction from the sideline. That is the coaches role.
  • Should save your voice for positive cheering.
  • Must never question refereeing decisions.
  • Should never make disparaging remarks about any player on the field.
  • Should always avoid disputes with other parents or people that might be present in the field.
  • Should always avoid negative group discussions.
  • Should not interfere in technical decisions.
  • Should avoid criticizing or questioning the decisions of the coach in the presence of your child. The coach is an essential part of  the education of your child.
  • Must pick up your child on time after practice.
  • Must avoid confronting a coach on the field. If you are upset or have a question about something that happened in a practice or game, do not confront the coach on the field. You must wait 24hrs before discussing the issue with the coach or DoC so that the issue can be solved in a private and constructive manner.
  • Should make your child feel like a winner by offering praise for competing fairly and doing their best. Children learn by example. Should applaud good plays by both my child's team and their opponents.
Any explanation, suggestion, complaint should come to the Director of Coaching, Marc Sabate

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